Can I add my newborn child to my COBRA medical policy?

I've been on COBRA for 5 months and we just had a baby. Can I add my newborn child to my COBRA health insurance?
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  • Yes, this is considered a life changing event and you will have a small gap to add your child to your COBRA policy. You will need to send something in writing (email/fax/mail) with the following information:

    Your name
    Your previous employer's name
    Your newborn's name
    Your newborn's gender
    Your newborn's date of birth
    The policy you wish to add your newborn

    Your newborn will be added from his/her date of birth. We cannot change the date to add your child. Please note you will only have 30 days from the date the baby is born to add him/her to your policy.

    Types of submitting:
    Email -
    Fax - 1-888-411-2709
    Mailing address -
    Attention: COBRA Department
    2851 S. Parker Road Suite 230
    Aurora, CO 80014
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