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Contact information for someone in a position to actually assist

I'd like the contact information for a supervisor and/or your legal counsel. I spoke with someone on Friday regarding why my account showed a $0 balance, when on March 28th my employer directly deposited funds to your company (24hourflex confirmed this deposit in a later phone conversation). The man I spoke with assured me he would call me back. He did not. I called today, April 7th, still showing a 0 balance; a young woman told me that funds had been recieved on the 28th. She also said she needed to speak with an account manager to clear up the problem; however all account managers were in meetings. She assured me she would call me back. Subsequently, the first man I spoke with rudely called my back and left a voice message suggesting that my employer (your client) is at fault for my 0 balance. Blaming your clients; leaving rude messages and lying to your users, whom are your client's employees is bad business. If this problem is not resovled asap I intend to contact your legal counsel as well as report you to the better business bureau; as well as my HR department and inform them you blammed them. I see that this company has already had 3 complaints in 3 years to the BBB. Other reviews online also agree that no one will ever call you back or respond. The last time I had a problem (which was just last month) it took three e-mails to your office to ever recieve a response (which was two days after the claim in question was processed). (FYI the e-mail was also rude). While I understand this is an abrasive message; I don't quite know what it will take to get your company to respond to these aparently recurrent and sestemic issues that continue to cause your clients, your users, and yourselves a whole host of problems. Thank you for your prompt reply.
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