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Cutting out the middle man...ME! to save time.

I need to submit a receipt from my eye doctor. Am I able to have them email it to you directly. If so...what email do I have them send it to?
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  • Krista (Customer Experience Manager) February 17, 2017 15:06
    Hello Robin,

    We have a few ways you can submit your invoice to use to save time. We have a mobile app that you can just click a picture of your invoice and upload securely to your account. Also, we offer the ability to upload your invoice to your online account for the fastest and most secure way to send us your images. What we like to recommend is that your provider sends you an electronic copy of your invoice so you can use either of these features. If you still would like your provider to submit on your behalf, you will have to send them the request form (confirmation page) that is downloadable and printable in your online account. Please refer to our submit a receipt section on our homepage, You can send this image with the confirmation page to Let us know if we can help further. Our phone number is 303-369-7886 and we are here M-F, 7 am to 6 pm MST. Have a great day!
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