Expenses incurred last year

By accident, I paid for a medical visit from December with this year's FSA money. Is this allowable, or must I re-pay this?
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  • FSA funds have to be used on expenses actually incurred in the same plan year. For example, if you go to the doctor and receive medical care on December 31st, 2011 you cannot use 2012 plan year funds to pay for the service.

    In your situation the December expense would need to be paid back into your FSA and you can do this by first contacting our customer support team (303-369-7886 x 5 or info@24hourflex.com) asking us to create a non-qualified expense on your account that you can re-pay online via a credit card, electronic check, or by mailing us a check to us written to 24HourFlex.
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