Is orthodontia a qualified expense for the FSA? Or is it orthodontia considered cosmetic dental work?

If someone goes to an eye doctor appointment in a previous plan year but purchases glasses in the new plan year do the glasses qualify for reimbursment under the new plan year.
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  • Orthodontia is a qualified expense for a Medical FSA, Limited Purpose FSA or an HSA.

    The glasses scenario is tricky and there are cases where the expense can go in either plan year. An expense is considered to have been incurred when you actually purchase/obtain an item and in the case of glasses you typically pay for them and pick them up at the same time (not on the day of your appointment).

    In your scenario the expense would come out of the new plan year because they were picked up/purchased in the new plan year while the expense related to the eye doctor visit would come out of the previous year.
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