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How much do I have left on my FSA debit card?

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  • Hi Christopher - You can check your balance by logging into your online account at If you haven't logged into your new account using the instructions below.

    Enter your initial temporary username (First Name Initial + Last Name + Last four of SSN) and password (Last four of  SSN). You may then choose a new username (we recommend you use an email address) and password. For example, John Smith with an SSN of 999-34-4576 would have a username of jsmith4576 and his initial password would be 4576.

    You can also download the 24HourFlex Mobile app and login using the same credentials you created above to check your account balance at any time. If you can access the website or the mobile app please contact our customer service team at 303-369-7886 and they can help you get into your account and/or provide you with your current balance.
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