How do I cancel my COBRA Coverage?

I am going to get coverage through a new employer, how to do I cancel my COBRA health insurance coverage?
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  • In order to cancel your COBRA, you have two options. One is to not make a payment for the month you wish to cancel (not recommended). The other is to send a written request (mail/email/fax) with your:

    Name of previous employer
    Request to cancel
    List of benefits you wish to cancel
    Effective date of the request (must be the First of a month)

    Please note you can only cancel within the same month of the request or a future date.

    Types of submitting:
    Email -
    Fax - 1-888-411-2709
    Mailing address -
    Attention: COBRA Department
    2851 S. Parker Road Suite 230
    Aurora, CO 80014
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