How do I submit a claim for mileage driven for medical care?

I've heard you can claim mileage driven for medical care and am wondering how to do that? Is the rate 16.5 cents/mile?
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  • Mileage driven for Medical Care is eligible for reimbursement from your Flexible Spending Account.

    The mileage rate for medical care for dates of service 1/1/10 going forward is 16.5 per mile (this is subject to change each year). You can submit a claim with the claim form found under the "Forms" page on our website.

    Please include the following information with your mileage claim:
    Date of Service
    Type of Service (Doctor visit, trip to pharmacy, etc.)
    Actual Mileage and rate (25 miles round trip @ 16.5¢/mile)
    Total amount being requested (25 x .165 = $4.13).
    Submit the claim for mileage along with a claim for the medical care you were driving to or with the Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Claims will need to match the mileage reimbursement to a service and its date.

    Many online mapping services (Google maps, Mapquest, etc) will detail your route and mileage from home to service provider. This is helpful (but not required) in submitting mileage reimbursement claims.
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