Is Fertility Treatments Like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) an eligible Medical FSA expense?

Are fertility treatments, like In Vitro Fertilization, eligible to be paid from my Flexible Spending Account?
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  • Fertility treatments like IVF do qualify for reimbursement from your Medical FSA.

    Fertility Treatments that are covered include:
    - Artificial insemination
    - Egg donor and/or sperm donor for recipient
    - Embryo replacement and storage (storage fees must not exceed 12 months)
    - Embryo transfer
    - Fertility exams
    - FSH injections
    - In vitro/ In vivo fertilization
    - Sperm implants

    Note: Fertility treatments involving a surrogate are not an eligible expense since the surrogate is not a spouse or dependent of the participant.
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