Is there a way to extend COBRA because of disability?

I have a disability and will not be eligible for Medicare until 24 months, is there a way to extend my COBRA to Medicare
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  • There is an additional 11 month extension available if you have filed and received a Notice of Award from the Social Security office for a disability.

    To qualify for this extension, you will need:

    * A copy of the Notice of Award must be submitted within 60 days of the
    postmark date located on the Notice of Award.
    * On the Notice of Award it must state date deemed disabled or disability
    onset date.
    * The date of entitlement to money cannot be a subsitution for the
    date deemed disabled.

    The Notice of Award must be postmarked on or before the end of the 18-month period following the qualifying event.

    The premium amount will change from the 19th month to the 29th month going from a 102% premium cost to 150% premium cost.

    If you are found no longer deemed by disabled by the Social Security office, a written notice must be submitted within 30 days of this event.
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