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Orthodontic care

Are water piks for the use of orthodontic care and cleaning covered under FSA? I have two kids in braces. Can I pay for a few months in advance through FSA?
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  • Krista (Customer Experience Manager) June 03, 2016 14:56
    Hi Jean,

    The waterpik alone wouldn't qualify, the IRS sees this as a general health item. However, if there is a medical necessity for this device, it would be allowable through your Flex Spending account. The link to the template is below.

    The Flex Spending account does not allow pre-payments of any kind. If you are speaking of Ortho visits and contract payments, you can use the payment date as the date of service. Keep in mind this is only for Orthodontics, not other medical treatments. This is because Ortho spans years at times, and the IRS deemed this as an eligible payment structure.
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