Using Dependent FSA to pay a babysitter so my wife and I can go to work

What is the process for using my Dependent FSA funds to pay a babysitter to take care of my two children when my wife and I go to work?

Is there a form to submit to get reimbursed, or do I just request a withdrawal from the FSA and maintain my own records?

Are there any qualifications the babysitter must meet?
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  • Hi Chris,

    The babysitter does not have any specific qualifications that they must meet (except that that cannot be a family member under the age of 19).

    You can submit a claim online through your account or through the 24HourFlex Mobile app (for Android or iOS). In order to get a good receipt from a babysitter, I'd suggest having the babysitter complete this form: Sample Dependent Care Receipt and then take a photo of it on your phone (if using the mobile app) or scan an upload it through your online account.
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