Using Remaining Balance on Last Day of FSA Plan Year

The last day of my plan year is 4/30/12, and I still have a balance in my flex account, so I've made an eye appointment on this day.

If I order glasses or contacts on 4/30, but pick them up and pay for them on 5/4, can I still use that remaining balance from the 5/1/11-4/30/12 plan year, or do I have to try to pay for everything at my eye doctor's on 4/30 for the expenses to be eligible?
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  • Additional guidance from the IRS on this scenario would be helpful but we would suggest you order the glasses/contacts and pay for them on 4/30/2012 so that the expense was incurred within the current plan year (ending on 4/30/2012).

    If you have additional questions or want further clarification please contact us via live chat on our website or by calling 303-369-7886.
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