When are my COBRA payments due and how can I pay them?

I just received my COBRA paperwork. When are my COBRA payments due and what are the options for paying them?
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  • Your grace period will start when you submit your Election Form (postmark date) or enroll online. From that postmark date, you have 45 days to pay your account up-to-date. After that, each payment is due on the on the first of every month with a 30 day grace period. No payments will be accepted after the grace period and your account will be cancelled.

    The options for paying for COBRA are:

    Paying Online at http:RPS.webcobra.com/newaccount with
    - Visa/MasterCard - charges a 3% fee
    - E-Check - charges a 3% fee
    - Autocheck withdrawl (ACH)

    Another option is to mail in a check or money order to :

    Attention: COBRA Department
    2851 S. Parker Road Suite 230
    Aurora, CO 80014

    If you are mailing a payment and it is close to the end of the grace period, you may want to take the envelope to the post office. Have the post master stamp your envelope in front of you to ensure your payment will be accepted.
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