Allow us to hide quests we don't want to see

Hey Folks, I have a feature request. I would really like the ability to "hide" some quests. Right now I'm looking at Teacher Camp and there are 21 quests which I am mostly not interested in (I don't have much interest in Virtual Worlds at this time). However, I am interested in apps and I wouldn't mind considering other things in Teacher Camp as they appear. However, it's difficult to separate the wheat from the "chaff" here. Please, please consider adding the ability to "hide" or "hibernate" some quests. I know there is an ability to filter, but that is not the same thing. Filtering only let's you choose what you want to see. I want to choose what I DON'T want to see. After submitting this, there was a suggested article to read on the feature request "Hide Quest." Again, that article did not address my concern. Maybe some others feel the way I do?
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