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Can I (teacher) delete available quests if not completed by students so that they don't have an overwhelming number of uncompleted quests? [We have finished Unit 1 and I'd like to delete all nonessential quests so that students focus on Unit 2. I don't want to eliminate XP from players who have already received XP from completing the quest, or eliminate it from the Completed quests list in their Profile.] Once a quest is not available by date, is it possible to get rid of them? Have them leave the Available list?
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  • We do not advise it, but, yes a teacher can delete a quest. Please note that it is permanent. Deleting quests does not affect earned points.

    In the group, select the quest you wish to delete, and choose the 'delete quest' option at the bottom.

    You might want to consider making each Unit a Group and you can 'Archive' the Group when students are to move on to the the next Unit. This will eliminate the quests from the students cue. Though, I believe the XP is also eliminated with the archived Group, so you would want to pull Reports before archiving.
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