Default list styling

I'd like to request some minor changes to the default styling for quests. A couple formatting defaults gamelab has that I don't understand, and I always have to work around:

1. list items are in a larger font

2. list items are white. Because of the other styling, this makes them stand out, a lot. The text is bigger, and higher contrast (white on black vs regular blue on black). Why? wouldn't it be more standard, just to be the same size and color as the regular paragraph text?

None of these two things are apparent when you are creating a quest in the wysiwyg editor.

If a user wants their lists to stand out, that's what italics and bold and underlines are for. As it is italics and bold provide hardly any contrast, because the bulletted text already stands out so much, you can barely notice.

I beg you to fix the list item styling!
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