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Default sort discovery!

I was just grumbling to myself again how annoying it is that available quests don't sort Alphabetically properly, when I discovered how they are ACTUALLY being sorted:

1. Expiry date
2. Alphabetical

Which make sense! EXCEPT

By default, quests with NO expiry date come before quests with the earliest expiry date, which obviously makes no sense if the reason for sorting by expiry is to get the soon-to-expire quests to the top of the stack (In most of my students cases, this will relegate soon-to-expire quests to the second+ page)

So, either the quests should be sorted alphabetically first, or "No expiry date" needs to be given lowest sort priority of you want to maintain expiry date as the main sort field, otherwise there's no point to it.

Am I making any sense here?

Either way, the discovery will allow me to create predictable behavior...
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