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Disappearing Quests

Yesterday, I cloned several of Chris Haskell's narrative game quests from the quest armory, renaming them (the rpg one became "rolling into narrative games"), but 2 did not show up in the group (game fame). I then couldn't find the originals in the quest armory. I eventually tracked them down to the quest chain I took part in this past summer, Context & Culture. I posted the problem in the comments field of the quest, but then realized that you may not be checking older groups' comments. The quests appear re-named with the names I had given them and the minor tweaks I had made. One is in my completed quests and another is listed as in progress. I don't see the originals in the quest armory any more... Is it possible for me (or you) to un-do whatever went wrong & get them into my student's quest group (game fame) and restore the originals in the quest armory??
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  • First of all, I hear all of his quests are great. :-)

    Only the first instance of the class is currently cloneable. So, if you create a clone of “ Best Quest Ever” and call it “Best Quest Ever 2”, only the original is searchable in the quest armor it. This will be remedied when we have a more robust search tool. Right now, the cloned quests will only complicate the search process by delivering more results than can be easily filtered visually.

    Try searching by my last name. I tag all of my quests with my last name. Also include either narrative, action, or simulation which are the areas I think you're looking for.

    What can happen on some browsers is that the “more” buttons get covered up in big searches so you are unable to see the other search results that have been returned.

    This may not be the solution, but as I was unable to duplicate the problem it seems like a good first step. Give it a shot and let me know. If that doesn't work we'll try to fashion a solution today.
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