One my TAs had the good idea that we could work on student papers over Google drive, so we can all provide feedback and comments as the student works to complete the quest.

Now, could that be taken one step further by integrating such a function into the 3dGameLab webtool?
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  • Thanks, Mangil. It is currently possible to embed any items from the Google suite (docs, spreadsheet, etc.) into the Quest Instructions/Details section by using the html button in the wysiwyg editor. The method varies based on what you're embedding (presentations are easiest), but it's all doable. We're running a Google Apps quest chain in October that will touch on this, or you can do a little internet searching on "embedding Google docs into html pages" as well.

    I'll pass along your idea for a smoother integration solution. Post a reply here if you have a specific question in the meantime. Thanks!
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