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How do I add students into a class without using email?

I am wanting to add students into my class (I am an elementary school teacher, 5th grade Math) without using email, but rather maybe a class code. How do I accomplish this?
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  • The course code feature is not available for adding students under 18. If under 18, you can collect the relevant information in a google form, and set up the accounts for students individually yourself. An even better alternative is to leave your laptop open during class, and ask the students to come up to create their account.

    Regarding adding kids under 18:

    1. Review the COPPA/FERPA quest in Teacher Academy for more detail.

    2. As the teacher, you can use dummy emails for kids under 14, but do NOT approve them. The kids will be able to use the accounts, but their permissions will be restricted.

    3. If you want kids under 14 to have additional permissions such as ability to leave comments on quests, share player scorecards, etc., they MUST have parent permission. Sorry, that's the law.

    4. Kids 14+ can use without parent permission, BUT their permissions will also be restricted because of FERPA laws that state parents must have input on the public display of educational records.

    See the Terms of Use to see what permissions are giving to each age group with and without parent permission:

    5. If you are having a technical issue when adding students, please post exactly what you are trying to do, how you're trying to do it, and what happens so we can help troubleshoot further.

    Also worth noting, we will have Google sign-on available soon!
    Hope that helps!
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