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How do I create a unique player name? I teach high school students.

Just wondering how to make my gamer tag unique, yet easily accessible to my students.
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  • Gamertags are certainly a great way to express yourself and define a unique identity. Some folks just use their name. Some their favorite animal, team, or food. You can get creative here and we recommend you do! Your Gamertag is like your profile name used on social media sites and should be thoughtfully considered for sensitivity, application, and unique identity. Your students will not necessarily have to find your Groups or content via your Gamertag, and so you do not need to curtail your chosen Gamertag for search-ability.

    Please note that once a gamertag is created, if you request an update, their may be charges incurred for the change.

    I hope that answers your question. If not, let us know!
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