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How can I copy or clone an entire group of quests?

Our group cloning features gives the group owner the ability to make their group freely "clonable" by the public or with permission. When you clone a group, all the quests, rewards and settings will copy over. Students do NOT get cloned into a new group.

How to Make a Group Clonable:
1. Group Manager>Group Details>scroll to bottom
2. Choose either "clonable" or "clone with permission."
3. Make sure your group is set to visible.
4. Turn off setting when you no longer want it visible to the public.

How to Clone a Group:
1. Click on dropdown arrow in left navigation.
3. Search for the group you wish to clone. Click the "clone" button.
4. If the owner has set the clone by permission only, you will need to wait until the owner approves your request. You will receive an email notifying you it has been approved. Otherwise, the cloned group should appear in your group list within several minutes. You may need to refresh your browser to see it.

Only original groups of quests may be set to clone.