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I broke 3DGame Lab!

I cloned a group because I wanted to use some of the quests from the original. I deleted all of the quests I no longer wanted. Then I recreated the categories and then the Ranks. I deleted all of the previous badges.

And that's when it seemed that everything was broken. Of the 45 Quests that I had kept and updated, suddenly my "Available Quests" only shows 13, and not in the order that they should be as I have numbered them for easy referencing.

I have tried to create badges but they don't show up on my rewards page. If I click on a player card, and click on AWARD THIS PLAYER, I can see the awards and badges that I created. I even awarded them to one of my test players, but it does not show up on the test player's player card.

There are achievement awards that in the previous group were tied to the categories that I have since deleted. They are still showing up on the Rewards page, but I cannot click on them or view them or delete them.

When I go to reports and run a Quest report, all of the Quests (45) are listed but that's the only place I can see them.

What happened? How did I break the system? How can I fix this????
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