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I’m unsure, yet hopeful

Learning 150+ real names & gamertags

I've been reading the excellent posts here regarding learning new student names as well as associating their gamertag with their names. I usually have 150 new students each semester and that's a brain drain.

My solution - which may help me, not sure yet and it may help you, too. We're going to make super-short (30-second) paper slide videos the first week of class where I learn all about the students. This will include their real name & info (only to be shared in my classroom, not outside), likes/dislikes & of course, their chosen gamertag along with a brief explanation of why they chose it.

I have a document camera that's fairly fancy & can record video along with audio that I plan to use. If my class sizes are too large, kids will do these in small groups with iPads. Bonus - I can edit the class together & make 1 video per class period to show on parent night.

If you are interested in how I survive this, post here & I'll get back to you mid-September!
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