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I’m frustrated

Long Pending Issues...

I have three outstanding issues that have been reported, but about which I have not received a response or solution. These are significant as I begin the process of implementing a build-out of a full-semester course for the fall semester. This course is being built on an initial framework piloted last fall.

These issues are:

1. Setting time of quest release and expiration to the local time zone (preferably to the hour).- I have asked if a time-frame for a fix on this oft-reported issue is available.

2. Ability to delete quests. - This seems also to be a frequently reported issue, but I don't see notice of a timeline for a fix.

3. Ability to delete categories. - This was a request made last semester, but I haven't heard of a fix or a timeline.

Hoping to get an update on solutions, or a time-frame for resolution.
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