Missed Experience

I'm not a big gamer so maybe I wasn't paying attention. It just occurred to me that as I was moving through the Game Lab quests, earning XPs and awards, moving through the ranks, I wasn't really aware when these events happened. I know some referenced the progress bar and over time that was moving along. Perhaps it becomes second nature to notice that with more experience.

But, I'm remembering that as I've worked with groups of students using Game Maker, frequently there are some kids (like me) who for one reason or another haven't taken part in the gaming culture and are beginners. Some get excited and pulled in by the success of creating a game that works, others never catch the bug.

So, I'm wondering if there might be some kind of extra EVENT that occurs when a new level is reached, or an award is given. Either during the game, an icon flashes or a "happy" alert sounds, or, perhaps next time the student logs in there is a notice that they are now at a different rank or level, or something has been achieved or awarded? Maybe that's overkill, but thinking back, I wish I'd had more realization or notice of progress (other than just completing another quest) as I was moving along.

Don't know if that's possible but thanks for thinking about it.
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