Multilayered progression

In my quests that I am designing for my fourth grade class, I am creating a whole set of google spreadsheets that will track progression and levels across a wide range of attributes, in-game items, powers, abilities, and property. In other words, as students do quests and complete assignments, they will level up characters they are building, choose which classes and abilities to award XP to, progress through an ability tree (like unlocking skills in an RPG), collect in-game items (like crops, taxes, buildings), and gain more powerful attributes (like prestige, charisma, perserverence) for their characters. I am looking for a way to organize all of these items and abilities in a graphical interface that is customizable, cool, easy to use, and connects in the back end to spreadsheets in which teachers can easily enter completed assignments or points. Does this make any sense, and does anyone have ideas for tools that would work?

Thanks, everyone!
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