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New Feature: Group Copy

All right, this is a big one! Have you ever wanted to make a quick copy of your own group of quests to use with a new group of students? Group copy is finally here. To use the feature, login to the group you want to copy, go to Group Manager>Create a Group Copy.

This function copies all quests, ranks, categories, and rewards. It will not copy lists of students. Once you click Group Copy, wait several minutes. The group will clone in pieces. If you enter the new group early, you may see it partially filled with quests. Just wait a couple more minutes, and all quests and badges will be visible.

How is group copy different from cloning?
Cloning was designed to allow teachers to share their whole groups of quests with other teachers. Only original groups of quests that you created can be set for cloning. Group copy is for your own personal use to make copies of quest groups that you currently have in your list and you'd like to re-use.