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One Group Slow, Another Group Fast

I have two groups: Writers' Guild V3 and OWL Mews.
The loading time for Writers' Guild V3 quests is slow, 2 minutes+
The loading time for OWL Mews is seconds
I have many more students and quests in Writers' Guild V3.
I would like to make it faster. Since this seems to be in my control, what is there that I can do. I have 100+ students and 5 classes un Writers' Guild. I also have many categories and quests.
Do I need different groups for each class?
Do I need fewer hidden quests? If so, how can I store the ones that I have created and have them ready to use when my students need them?
Is thre another way to make Writers' Guild V3 as fast as OWL Mews?
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