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Option for a locally served GameLab (Privacy Acts and Patriot Acts etc.)

I can see potential problems on the horizon with my use of 3D game lab due to legislation and policies about Privacy (actually, it's happening all ready)

It may be (in my province, BC, and possibly the rest of Canada) that primary/secondary educators are not allowed to have anything information related to a student's education hosted on US Servers due to the US Patriot Act and our local privacy and education laws (I'm just parroting what I've been advised, I still need to better understand the issue myself--I"m a new teacher!).

So I thought I'd throw out the idea of selling a locally installable version of GameLab.

On the other hand, I also know that I'm not your target audience, so I don't expect anything. Thanks for the service and I hope I can find a way to continue using it!

Please let me know if you ever go Open Source ;)
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