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Organization Question

When you create a group, should you create a group based on the Period you have the students or the course? For example, if I group them together I would only want them to work with people in their period. I also want to keep track of data through when I have the student; however, I don't want the annoyance of cloning each quest I create and giving it to 5 different periods. Is there a way, once I set the groups, to assign the quest to all groups? Thank you!
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  • cimber (Official Rep) May 22, 2020 21:45
    Groups are usually based on courses/classes. If you have more than one course/class that uses the same Group of Quests, you can make a copy of the Group. All of the quests will be copied at the same time and will eliminate you having to clone each quest.

    Under the Group tab it show a list of the students that are enrolled/invited. Here you can click on the students's gamertag and a Player Card will pop up with their stats.

    For more data, you can also generate a report with more information. The Reports option is in the Group Manager.

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