Quest Creation warning for missing required info causes other settings to revert to default

When I create a new quest, but forget some required piece of info, I get the warning screen to complete that info...all good

However, I've noticed 2 items that change:

1. The category I set disappears (I resubmit, and always get a second warning about the missing category)

2. The quest becomes available again, if I had unticked that box (This has caused me me to accidentally make available quests which were supposed to be unavailable)
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  • Hi MrC -
    Yes, I verified that exactly what you described happens (I've actually experienced this myself before and it can be quite frustrating, especially if you are on a roll in the middle of building a bunch of quests!). I will report this to our development team and ask to change this so that the warning doesn't change category or availability settings. Thanks for pointing this out.
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