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Quests Disappearing/Reappearing Near the Submission Deadline

We're having trouble with quests disappearing/reappearing randomly in the last few hours prior to the submission deadline. I recorded a short video for my colleague that shows the problem in more detail ->

We've used 3d game lab across a number of courses at our institution (University of Alberta) and the problem is consistent across all courses, all quests, and all students. Around 6-7 pm (mountain time) the vanishing starts, until the next day and the quest disappears forever as it should. I also note in the video that adjusting my state has no effect on the whether this bug occurs.

The problem also does not appear to be browser-specific, although the specific video that I made is in Firefox.

Interestingly, as you'll see in the video, I have a few quests with submission dates that are much later (December) and they are completely unaffected. It only ever seems to surface in the 5-6 hours leading up to the submission.

We've worked around it in the past by setting the close date to be one day ahead of what it actually is and explained to students that they'll need to submit the day prior to receive credit. This is quite confusing for students and a fair bit of extra work.
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