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I’m frustrated

Quests not appearing even after pre-reqs are met

Last quests in quest group aren't showing up for students. The quest group is: On the Road : Library Training. After Roadmap to Level IV, students should be able to see and complete the following Level IV quests:

Specific Destinations
Got Questions, We have Answers!
Open 24/7
Overcoming Roadblocks
End of the Road
and Honk and Tweet

However, only one they're able to see is Specific Destinations.

Can you please help us figure out why the others aren't appearing?

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  • Sarah, please excuse the delay in response to your question. I just found your post as unresolved.

    1. Is this still an issue?
    2. Upon checking your quests, I can't see a reason why they wouldn't be working. Can you give me the name of a student who may be experiencing this problem so I can investigate from their end?
    3. Did you make any modifications to those quests (change in prereqs, start dates, anything....) that were possibly related to a bug that may have developed?
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