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Simplify Rewards System

You currently have three different types of rewards. When it comes to gaming, simpler is always better for casual players. Your hardcore will have no problem with the concept, but that will be a small percentage of your class. I suggest reducing the system to at most two. For examples, Kongregate has users complete Badges, but there are also limited time Challenges that users can complete. Both contribute to your level. Additionally, World of Warcraft has Achievements and Feats of Strength. Achievements are always available and contribute to level, while Feats of Strength are limited time and do not contribute.

In both cases, there are "unlimited time" rewards and "limited time" rewards. This streamlines the reward process to an understandable level for more users, making them less likely to be confused and more likely to play and keep playing. Three rewards, with the classifications of "teacher badge", "system badge", and "quest badges" are arbitrary, potentially subjective, and not important to a user who just wants to earn points. Making the system simpler and more objective will definitely improve this system.
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