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Split "Personalities" - or A Bug to Remember

It appears I may have a problem with my logon id. The "player" I created is "crescent valley queen", but I tried to change it to "crescent valley raider" (our mascot), so I didn't sound so presumptuous (I am "queen" of my lab at school - but not yours, by any means!)

Changing the name seemed to work, and I thought it would just change the display name; I also changed the avatar loaded with the name "crescent valley raider"...

But when I tried to post my Journal requirement for the last quest last night, it appeared to post correctly, until I logged on this morning and this quest was incomplete.

It was posted last night under "... raider" and not "... queen", so I have "re-posted" it to the Journal to complete the quest. I'm wondering if the database isn't updating in all the "name" fields of all the tables; might be an indication that the page where name "changes" can be done isn't accessing something (or everything) it should.

I tried using both "player names" to logon, on the 2 different pages with logons.

It only accepted "...queen" on the player tag and password page; the name and avatar appear in the header of the quest page. But on the page I have to use my email to logon with, I have the "...raider" player (both name and avatar) appear as my "name". I think my email might be"locked" with using "...raider", with it's avatar; but the player tag window is "locked" on the "...queen" name and avatar.

That's why we have Beta versions and testing! Just leave it to me to find a "bug" in your system... I guess better me than a freshman with a teacher asking "Are you sure you posted your assignment?" in the middle of a semester later.

(Hey! Do I get a "Bug Finder" Award for this? : D ) Thanks!
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