Support Multiple Accounts On a single Browser

I'd appreciate support for logins from multiple accounts within a single browser. Admittedly as a student using a student and a separate teacher account, my case is odd but if at any point multiple students used the same computer it could cause problems.
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  • Thank you for your question. We are noting this as a feature request, however, it is not on our development timeline as of now. I recommend (and regularly use) the practice of using multiple browsers for designing as an instructor and testing as a student, for example, Chrome and Firefox. Maybe I'm not clear on your situation, and you can clarify if I'm understanding correct. It sounds as if student A uses computer #1 during period 1, and student B uses computer #1 during period 2. You're looking for a way to prevent a student from accidentally working in someone else's account, is that accurate?

    I'm sure you have considered this already but it's fair to share: I would encourage all instructors to teach their students safe digital/cyber practices such as logging in and out of the platform - and any site - when using a public computer. Also, I am unsure if we would consider coding in support for multiple logins on a single browser on the basis that it doesn't support the safe digital/cyber practices. Feel free to clarify, if I'm not understanding correctly.
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