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Thank you for the amazing platform.

I've been sharing a lot of problems (bugs, ideas, questions) which by there nature tend to be negative, so I want to counter that by adding how awesome I think this platform is.

A bit of background. Two weeks ago I was hired to replace a high school computer teacher who retired. He left on bad terms and so there was no course content for me to start with, or software on the computers... (long story). On top of that, he was running about 6 courses in a single class, and each of those eight courses had three different grades (10, 11, and 12). On top of that, I'm a brand-spanking new teacher who's never had a teaching job before (only subbing so far).

A veteran teacher at our school was trying to help me out and mentioned some pro-d she recently attended about something called "quest-based learning". She wasn't a techie like me, so she couldn't give me much in the way of details about how it work, but it sounded intriguing, especially given my specific and immediate problem of trying to teach up to 18 different courses in a single classroom at the same time.

I logged on, created an account, and gave it a test drive. I was hooked. This was on Wednesday 4 Sep, the first day of school. After an hour or so in "The Academy", I decided 3dGameLab was the solution to my problem. I blasted through the Academy, trying to gain access to the teacher functions, so that I could roll it out with my class on Monday, 9 Sep. Three days in and it is a roaring success. I don't see how I could have done this otherwise.

Your staff are helpful, polite, and respond amazingly fast to questions and problems. The software is rocking, and clearly under active development.

Thank you once again for the platform. I am getting a lot of credit for holding this program together at my school, and I owe a lot of that to 3DGameLab.

(One of infantry regiments here in Canada have a motto: "never pass a fault" I can't resist, even in this post, of pointing out that it doesn't seem necessary to have the forum ask me if my praise has already been asked by someone else ;)