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Turn Based Strategy Games

Can I embed usable parts of actual gameplay within a quest so that questers would have to complete a portion of a turn based strategy game goal to complete the quest?
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  • If I am understanding you question correctly, yes. You will want to upload the video of actual gameplay to a media server like YouTube. At that point you could embed the video into your quest. Please review any copyright agreements that might concern converting, uploading and posting.

    To successfully embed a video, visit the dedicated page for that video(YouTube-if that is what you did) and select the URL at the top of the page. Then, in the Rezzly quest design WYSIWYG, select the video embed tool from the toolbar. Paste in the URL into the appropriate field and it will write the correct in that code for you. The other way to do this is to copy the embed code from the video itself and paste it in using the HTML editor in the WYSIWYG.
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