I’m frustrated

Update Quest button killed my media links

I was updating a voki on my quest titled "Welcome to ARVEL."
I updated only the voki#2 embedded code in the html window.

1)When I click the Update Quest button, first the html code showed up at the place of ALL my media (I have 1 Voki introducing ARVEL, then a short screenr video, and finally another Voki to introduce few ARVEL facts. They all worked well before the platform update)

Also, I noticed that all my regular urls show up on the quest page with some html code leaking about them.

2) When I clicked Update Quest a second time (without any edits), all my media's links died, and some of my 3dgamelab screen leaked into the 3 media space

I went back inside the Edit the quest window. The quest looks fine with all the media space showing up where it should and without html code around it.

3) The final "Upade the quest" cleaned all the html code around the media, but the Voki spaces are empty, and the Screenr space is a blank square. All links are dead. See attached picture
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