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Using quests to increase class communication

I propose a quest designed to integrate the two formats used; 3D game lab and facebook. Many of us in class have been posting on facebook as part of the required class work. Unfortunately, most of the postings don't get any replys from other class members. How about if a quest was included that gave points based on the number of meaningful replys that are generated from a post. The point of the quest is to stimulate dialogue on relevant issues outside of class time. The method used to lure students into researching and posting interesting, controvertial things is extra XP.

Heres a possible point system

At 1000XP: The quest opens. By now, students are used to the format of 3D Game lab, the class structure/subject matter, and each other.

A facebook posting counts for the normal number of points (like postings do now). However, when a posting gets 5 comments a XP bonus kicks in. For every comment after the 5th comment the person who did the original posting gets 10 additional xp per post. The caveat being that the dungeon master will be checking posts recevng xtra XP to assure that tru dialogue is going on.

Another option would be to have a few more awards; a 50 XP for 10 comments on a post, 100XP for 15 comments, etc.

Final thought on this idea; instead of utilizing facebook, 3D Gamelab could integrate a posting forum in which students place posts and comments can be seen in order of date. With the forum bundled into the 3D gamelab system the awarding of XP would be easier. The positive side of using facebook is that it is such a massive platform and the more Facebook gets used, the more 3D gamelab gets free publicity.
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