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I’m tired...

Ways to modify large amount of Quests quicker.

Not sure if anyone else is wishing for this and wanted to check. I use 3D Gamelab in a somewhat unique way because I am a music teacher. I have my whole music program on 3D Gamelab (Band, Strings, Choir, grades 6, 7, and 8)

I have about 300 quests in my group (since each ensemble has its own set). Updating my quests for this year has been extremely tedious. I changed my system for categories. To change each one I had to:

1) Click on the quest.
2) Click on Edit.
3) Edit the category.
4) Click update Quest.
5) Because it goes to a summary of the quest, I then have to click "Quests" again.
6) Navigate to the next quest (there are 16 pages of them). Some pages aren't visible (just "...") so sometimes I have to navigate to a closer page and then go to the actual page.
7) Repeat times 300

Some ideas:

1) Could there be a "Next Quest" button on the summary page after you update a quest? (Just goes to the next quest on the list) Even that would save me half of those steps listed above.

2) A "spread-sheet-like" screen to alter the smaller details of quests (XP earned, categories, prereq's, etc.) I know that would be a huge change but would literally save me hours and hours of time.

I just realized that because Teams don't transfer when you copy a group. I now have to repeat this process to add team pre-req's to nearly all my quests...
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