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Website not secure

While using the site, I am getting a notification that the sire may not be secure. When following a link to complete a quest, the notification changed from "not secure" to "dangerous," like my information might be getting hacked. Please update your website security.
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  • rdnewman (Official Rep) June 10, 2020 02:43
    Hi Lisastrader,

    We have secure connections (via what is called HTTPS) across the site. We've held off adding this level of security in the actual Quest screens mainly because in the past some instructors embedded links to tools that didn't previously offer fully secure connections (and would have been hidden from students by us forcing higher security on those pages).

    This month though we'll be adding this level of security to all pages including where instructor-supplied Quest content has been added. When we do this, any remaining instructor-supplied links will need to be updated to use secure sites if they do not do so already.

    In all critical areas (e.g., login screens, credit card account pages) though we've had secure pages for several years.

    We'll review again when we turn security onto these last key pages to be sure all is well, but in our last security testing earlier this year, we didn't note anything that a browser would refer to as "dangerous" (merely "not secure"). Feel free to send a screenshot to if there's a particular area that you ran into that gave this warning and you'd like us to re-test.

    Thanks for letting us know that you ran into this issue!
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