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What do we want? Metrics! When do we want them? Now! :-)

I would like to be able to track student engagement with the system. How often are they accessing the system? How often are they taking actions within the system? If used for motivational purposes, it would be nice to see these kinds of metrics. Just total XP, quests completed or average time doesn't really show me engagement.
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  • We do not currently have such detailed reporting in place. What you are requesting is seen more in the overall results, which is based on self motivated student engagement that looks different for each student. If you are worried about a student not completing work in the timeline established, you can get an idea of the student's progress by referring to the information in the 'Group'> 'Group Members'> 'XP' column or 'In Progress' column for a snapshot of their progress.

    If it would benefit you to know the daily analyses of student participation, here's a manual workaround: use the Reports (under 'Group Manager' button), copy and paste the data from the quests completed or 'XP' total column into a spreadsheet that is set up to calculate difference between the current day and the day before. This way you will know how many engagements were made at any given time.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or requests. We have noted your 'Reports' request in our engineering que for consideration. Thanks!
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