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What Works for Us

Yes, the ability to allow students to try again and again without penalty is huge. It is responsible for many positive attitudes in my classes. However, a teacher camp session pointed the benefit of reward quests. I tried them--and evolved them--based on student input. Today, quests with inspirational and encouraging words are readily accessible. These inspirational quests have helped create the supportive environment that has helped my classes work together. We have the best class learning communities that I have experienced in years. For this, I heavily credit the clone-able quests in the armory that both encourage students to help each other and suggest quest improvements. With them, we have actionable data to create a dynamic, responsive LMS that adapts to community needs. Add 3D Game Lab's penalty-free-quest retries, and we have a learning context that fosters academic success--particularly for those students who are jaded by the everything-graded-and-therefore-penalizing systems.
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