Ditching 3Jam! Here's why:

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BEWARE: 3jam may cause your messages to drift around the ether before getting to your phone! At least, that's what I think may be happening to me.

I've been using 3Jam on my BlackBerry Storm for a few months. At first, it was a problem because of one setting that caused the mobile app to act like it was on a non-Storm BB. I waited for over a month for someone at 3Jam to figure that out and let me know what the problem was. It was really frustrating but unlike many situations similar to this, it got fixed, so I was happy...

I send a LOT of text messages. I depend on them, to some degree, for important information. When I first began using a BB, over a year ago, this was flawless. Recently, I seem to be losing several text messages from time to time. Sometimes 3 or 4 messages would come it at the exact same moment, but hours and hours late; sometimes over 12 hours! Unacceptable.

I'm canceling 3Jam and deleting the app from my phone. I predict my SMS problems will subsequently cease and I can forget this entire ordeal and chock it up to 'lesson learned.'

Bottom line: If your text messages, IM's, twitters and BB messages are at all important to you, DO NOT USE 3JAM!

Please 3Jam, do not respond. I just may vomit if I have to read another canned apology telling me you value my business and proceed to advertise the many features that sound too good to be true.

I'll stick with the initial satisfaction I got when I received my first text message on my new Storm. Thanks anyway!
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Hello sinrise,

Thanks for your comment. Sorrry to hear about your BlackBerry SMS problems but let me take a moment to explain how the BlackBerry app works.

The BlackBerry app was built to organize and enhance the native SMS inbox in a threaded format in order to improve message organization and speed up the ability to view messages, reply, send multiple texts, etc.

The app was initially built to be backward-compatible with OS4.1, which is the first version of the O.S. on the BlackBerry Pearl. Also, because many users do not have data plans on their BlackBerry, the app uses the SMS interface on the BlackBerry and no data connections.

As such, the app listens for incoming messages that come in to the Blackberry from your carrier. Messages do not go through 3jam nor does it go through a network connection. Therefore, the app does not have any control nor does it affect when your messages show up in your BlackBerry. It simply takes a message when it arrives in your BlackBerry, pops up a notification, and does some intelligent organization of the message.

So if your messages are not coming to your BlackBerry until later, chances are that it's a carrier issue and not an application issue. One easy way to test would be to not block normal SMS's from arriving in your native Inbox (through the firewall setting) and see if messages arrive in your native inbox but not the 3jam BlackBerry app. If this problem still occurs (i.e. messages show up in your native Inbox but not in the 3jam BlackBerry app), then it's a 3jam BlackBerry application issue and we'd be happy to fix it.

However, because we have many users currently using this product and this is the first time we have heard about the issue, there is a possibility that the problem lies with the carrier sending messages to your BlackBerry and not the 3jam app taking a long time to process the incoming messages.

Regarding your prior issue of the BlackBerry Storm screen showing the app only in portrait mode sometimes, rewriting the application for landscape mode is not a trivial task and there are many known issues with the initial versions of the BlackBerry OS for the Storm. The solution, which was suggested by one of our users, was to simply enable "compatibility mode" in the Storm. Because the Storm is the only version of the BlackBerry that has this setting, we were unaware of it until we were notified by a Storm user as an easy workaround.

Hope this clarifies. Sorry for the SMS issues you have been experiencing and if you are still unsatisfied with the product, we will provide you with a refund, as we have offered you before.

Thank you for your understanding.
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Also, you might want to check that you are using v1.101 of the application because previous versions may have had SMS interceptions affected by other applications that intercept SMS messages (the problem is that only 1 application can get a "copy" of the incoming message in the BlackBerry).

After several discussions with RIM, we implemented a non-documented, special workaround to this so that other applications on your BlackBerry won't cause the 3jam app to miss messages inadvertently (and vice versa). The result is that the 3jam application will get messages reliably, and unless the other SMS applications on your BlackBerry also use this workaround, chances are that they will conflict with each other if they are using the documented API.

The latest version is available at http://ota.3jam.com/bb .

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Amazing response 3jam!
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Thanks Logger Bot, we're here to help!