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Ability to resume tracking time on a task

People in our company are complaining about the widget. We are a software development company - Here's the issue:

1. Tom is tracking time on a task
2. The phone rings - a customer is experiencing a bug in the system.
3. Tom stops his time tracker and select the support task for the specific customer.
4. Tom tracks about 20 minutes on the customer before the issue is solved.
5. He now needs to get back to whatever he was doing before - but alas - the tracked time - including description etc. is now "gone"... sent to 5PM.

What we need is the ability for Tom to resumetracking time on the task he was already on. Basically to click on the "log entries" in the widget, and resume tracking time on those tasks. In some way to "re-open" a task already reported to 5PM.

I really believe that MANY 5PM users would love this feature - also, it's something that is available in many other time tracking systems, so I believe it's a must have in 5PM as well.
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