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Creating projects by 5PM's GET-API

I'd like to create projects by 5PM's GET API and set the team members of a project. Can you please give me an example of how to send the team members in a GET request?
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  • Add Project Params:

    name type=string
    description type=string
    tags type=string
    clientId type=integer
    ownerId type=integer
    groupId type=integer
    startDate type=dateTime
    endDate type=dateTime
    priority type=integer Valid values: 1 - low 2 - normal 3 - high 4 - urgent *setting other value - will leave field unchanged
    status type=integer Valid values: 10 - open 20 - on hold 30 - done *setting other value - will leave field unchanged
    createdAt type=dateTime
    updatedAt type=dateTime
    notifyProjectTeam type=boolean
    notifyClient type=boolean
    notifyUsers type=UserList
    hidden type=boolean
    flag type=integer Valid values: 0 - blank 1 - violet 2 - orange 3 - red *setting other value - will leave field unchanged
    team type=UserList

    UserList object
    items type=User

    User object
    id type=integer

    $team = array();
    $team['items'][] = array('id'=>1);
    $team['items'][] = array('id'=>2);
    // create a new project
    $project = $api->projects->add(
    'name' => "New Api project",
    'team' => $team

    for full documentation check:
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