Customize default emails

I have assessed 5pm a couple of times for our business in the last few years. It is a fabulous tool on so many levels but there are always a major snag or two that prevent us from making the switch. The big issue for us this go around is that the default emails that include the ability for the client to login and that the client can see all hours and progress. I see a potentially easy solution if your system allows you to tweak it in this fashion (I know I can’t from this end). Is it possible to alter the default emails that get sent out to NOT include anything regarding the login? If the client can’t login it solves our problem with access and visibility while letting us email them through the system.

We bill by the project and not usually hourly so having the clients see hours and % progress is not beneficial in our case. We also don’t like clients in the system itself and would prefer them to email to it vs. being logged in. I hope this is something you can accommodate as the rest of it looks like a good fit.
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